Wooden Motive Accent As A Collaboration of Modern-classic Style Kitchen

The new look of modern-classic style kitchen is approached by the ecological approach. If you have a limited area of kitchen, perhaps you should try to apply this concept. You also have to arrange the lighting and the processing of this wooden motive into becoming an elegant and classical kitchen. Then finally, you should only let it become your pride in the house.

Wooden-motive Accent

This kitchen design has its own touch which is closely related to the ecological approach. This room is made bright, but not with the artificial light. You should also put some big windows to replace the wall on whole side of the kitchen itself. Therefore, you could have a bright natural kitchen design in your house.

According to some designer’s opinion, the ecological elements is indeed needed when you are designing or building a residence. Lighting, air circulation and the other natural elements as the main orientation, become the one-and-only main center of this kitchen, especially when it comes to some occasion held in your house.

Modern-classic Kitchen

If you are done with the designing, you should also look carefully at the cabinet’s upholstery, both in the top and under cabinet. The upholstery uses an HPL (high-pressure laminated) material whose motive is a piece of wood, This kind of motive also represent the symbol of the nature appreciation. As you know, wood is considered as trendmark these days.

The processing of wooden motive accent is also balanced with the dark glass and bright color from the metal. For example, black and white represent the ambience of the whole room’s colors. In every rooms, black and white sometimes become the main color, completed by one complementary color as an accent. The choosing of color, no matter how small it is, can determine the ambience and atmosphere of your whole room.

Wooden-motive Accent in Modern-classic Kitchen

If you don’t want to put too-much modern design in your kitchen, then why don’t you put some classic elements in your kitchen which can make it more beautiful. The house owner sometimes have some arguments with each other, then it ends to the sharing concept. Last thing you should remember is to put a breakfast table. Then, you finally have a perfect collaboration of modern-classic style kitchen by putting some wooden-motive accents in your kitchen.