Various Designs of Green House

There are several designs of green house design that you can apply for those of you who are looking for ideas about home design. The idea of ​​green house itself was originally set off from the concerns of many people about global warming. Issue of global warming has become one of the things which should be noted and prevented threaten the safety of mankind. Speaking as above, it seems there are many steps and how to do. In addition, all the solutions that seems to do a large scale. However, you can participate in the prevention of global warming with a very simple way. This is the same with your participation in preventing global warming worse. Well, you believe? You have to believe! You can be one person who helped solve global warming by simply building a house! Yes, only with building a house!


green house, use green environment
use green environment

You can make a green house design to keep the environment at home. Currently, green house design is now widely found in many areas. Many people have known the primary function of the green house. Green house does have a double function. The first function is the green house as a residence while the second function, which is no less important, is as a medium for keeping the temperature of the earth. Well, these two functions of the green house in are equally same important, is not it? If the first function is to us, as residents of the house, while the second function is more dedicated to all the nation of human beings. Given its function is very important, so many people now start thinking of building a green house. Well, the most common questions that will arise are: how to make a green house? There are a few tips to build green house. You can read some tips below if you want to build a green house.


The first tips are to use the home as the location of the greening of land, which is cultivated by many plants. You can use the vacant land, such as front and back of the house, as one location to plant the garden. By saving a lot of plants in the yard, both front and rear, you have participated in reducing the impact of global warming.


green house, put many plants
put many plants

The second tip is the use made of natural materials. You’d better use made of natural material, although the calculation. However, you also have to take into account the safety factor and safety factor family. You can use the wood as walls and floors. You have to take into account the thickness of the walls and floors for the safety factor and safety of your family.


green house, use many windows
use many windows

The last tips are to avoid using lots of energy. Use lots of energy means that you will increase the amount of gas emissions. You can apply the tips of the last one of them by using lots of windows to avoid the use of air conditioning. Well, you can save more energy usage by minimizing the energy consumption.

Well, that’s a few tips to make a green house.