A Unique Kitchen Design: Combination of Black and Brown

To create a unique kitchen design, instead of installing a wall, you can show a whole side of kitchen into one appearance. You can place the position of the dining room vertically with the island, so that the whole space of the kitchen would have been exploited. Every details of design becomes one part of the cooking and eating activities.

Black and Brown Kitchen

The kind of kitchen is a unique one. The room becomes functional without much area left. The division of kitchen functionalities also makes the circulation wider and easier. No wonder, because it lets space distanly. It’s not only good for us to walk, but also to eat and chat with our family when we are eating.

The color of wood brown gives us warmth and adds some familiarity. This color of brown also gives influence to the comfort of the room itself. The accent is the gold color in the shiny satin poeff, as a contemporary accessories in the unique kitchen design.

Kitchen Island with Eating Space

A unique kitchen design must have an island. The design pattern of the island and table for eating is “T”. That’s he solution of good unique kitchen design, which allows its place in the main room of the house, not in the back of the house or in the hidden area of the house.

According to some designers, this kind of unique kitchen design is suitable to be applied in the apartment or in crowded residence where most people have jobs with complex activities. This unique kitchen design can be also a “showroom” for us to be displayed for our daily activity.

"T" Kitchen Island

By this unique kitchen design like this, the intimate interaction between family shouldn’t be in the living room only. It can be done in this unique kitchen design as well, while we are eating or cooking.