Types of Kitchen for Limited Space Area

If you have a small area for your kitchen, there are two types of kitchen for limited space area itself. Sometimes you get confused about what layout you should prepare for that space. At least, now, you have your question answered. Living in an apartment or in a small-to-medium-sized house in a big town like this rather makes you feel sometimes irritated. Having a small-sized house makes you think harder how to arrange it, right?

Kitchen's Layout

For example, a kitchen. This room need to be arranged as good as you can. There are a lot of things you have to keep. Therefore, if you keep those things on your house in any place, your house will be messy. Then, you have to arrange you kitchen smartly in order to keep its needs. Among the types of kitchen, two of them are the best choice to be applied in a limited space area. What kind of designs are they?

One of the types of kitchen for limited space area is a double-line or sometimes called corridor kitchen. It can be applied in the lane of walking, from one room to another, from the living room to the kitchen. It’s only provided that the size is enough to place it. This type of kitchen place 2 working areas, each on the other side of wall. People usually share these area for different work.

Double-line Kitchen

The first area has function as a “real” kitchen, where the process of cooking are being done. You can place a gas stove and a sink in this area. While on the other side of wall, you can make it as a storage, for food and cooking equipment. A refrigerator is usually located in this area.

The other types of kitchen for limited space area is called a single-line kitchen. For a really limited space area, this design is best applied. It only use one side of wall to keep your works. You can entirely do your work here, including keeping and processing food. This type is not only the simplest, but also the most troublesome of all, especially when it comes to storage.

Single-line Kitchen

Therefore, this type of single-line kitchen cannot keep too-many stuffs. The solution for this problem is to add some cabinets on the other part of the room. It can be a small buffet or a closet. Then, if you do really care about your house, are you ready to apply one of these types of kitchen for limited space area?