Tips to Use Space Under the Stairs

How to use space under the stairs? You are often confused about where to save stuff that builds up in the house while you will be able to keep it in storage or in stacked in the closet. However, how many items are not used in your house or how big your house? Those are some factors to consider for storing goods. Have you ever think to use the space under the stairs? Room under the stairs can be utilized to store something. Appliances usually have a sufficient space to store things that pile up at house. However, if the space under the staircase is wide enough, you can even keep the bike on it! Amazing, is not it? If you can see the unusual details from your house, you will be surprised to find a room that you can use.


space under the stairs, kitchen under the stairs
kitchen under the stairs

Room under the stairs which are usually neglected can be a place where the goods are rarely used in your house. You can store various items under the stairs. You can store a variety of Christmas ornaments, which are used only once a year, tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and much more. Space under the stairs it can save a lot of things. If your room under the stairs is quite extensive, you can stack boxes that contain a lot of stuff. You are strongly advised to keep all of these items into a container. Goods that are inserted into the container will create more storage space tidy. In addition, the space under the stairs can also be used effectively. However, if the space under your stairs is small, you can pile up some boxes or items that are small only.


space under the stairs, put your collections under the stairs
put your collections under the stairs

For those of you, who have small space under the stairs, do not worry! Using a little creativity, you can even store the bikes in the space under the stairs at house. A small space under the stairs can be used to store bicycles, ski equipment and some other bulky items. Trick used is to simply hang these items. Well, now you have the space under the stairs effective to use. However, you must observe the following. Space under the stairs should be filled with dry goods only. If you store items that contain water, the room can become damp. The room is damp will lead to mildew and black spot on the wall. In addition, the odor will be smelled in the room. The second thing to note is the only store must be goods according to the capacity of the room.


space under the stairs, bicycle under the stairs
bicycle under the stairs

Do not store too much because it will make the space under the stairs to be full and overflowing. It will be difficult for you to find the items stored. You must unload the items back. Some people even become fail to clean the former unload the goods. This will actually make your job becomes more and more. Fill the space under the stairs in accordance with their capacity.

Well, that’s a few tips how to use space under the stairs.