Tips to Make a Beautiful Japanese House Concept

One of the things that must be considered to make the Japanese house concept is the structure of the house. A house in Japan has its own structure, faced with four distinct seasons. Japanese build a whole concept house is by installing a main pillar in the middle of the house. In addition, you also have to raise the floor height of at least ten centimeters. It aims to avoid the dew are appearing every morning. Frame house is supported by many Japanese mostly withered beams. However, you do not need to use a block of wood for your house today. You can improvise a little with the structure of your house so much like the houses in Japan.


Japanese house concept, wood in japanese house concept
wood in Japanese house concept

Japanese house concept is often r using wood for its floor. Wood floors are also aimed at avoiding moisture from the soil. In addition, wood also can warm up the house so no heating installed. Wood floors are commonly used in the living room and kitchen area. The living room is the use of wood is usually covered with a cushion again called tatami. However, along with the times, you can replace the tatami with a thin pillow. Japanese house concept does not use a guest chair or sofa in the living room. They prefer to sit on the floor paved with tatami or a thin pillow. This is because the use of guests and sofa kuris unusual for them. For those of you who will build the Japanese house concept, you can use a wide selection of pillow as a cushion.


Japanese house concept, ornaments in japanese house concept
ornaments in Japanese house concept

Houses in Japan usually have a lot of loopholes that could allow air ventilation can be exchanged easily. In addition, the roof of the Japanese house concept should be a bit high. One cause of the use of a slightly higher roof is to protect the occupants of the house from the sun in the summer. In addition to the wall, you must also consider the wall to be used. Traditional Japanese houses typically use as a wall of bamboo matting, while for insulation between rooms, usually used paper pinned on the bamboo matting. You can use a concrete wall as usual, with safety factor reasons of course. However, you can also use concrete wall lining with woven bamboo is attached.


Japanese house concept, sliding door in japanese house concept
sliding door in Japanese house concept

Japanese concept house is unique and attractive to many people. However, if you want to build a Japanese house concept, you can change the design according to circumstances. For example, by paper partition with sliding doors made of wood. In addition, to thicken the atmosphere of the real Japanese house, you can also install some house decoration commonly used in Japanese houses in general. The decorations include Japanese fans or hooligans Japan. You can purchase these decorations in the stores around your house. You can find other Japanese house concept in many interior designs or find the pictures in internet. You also suggested asking to the expert before build the Japanese house concept.

Well, that’s a few tips to make the Japanese house concept.