Tips on Choosing a Good House for the Family (Part 1)

Here are some tips on choosing a good house for your family. A house is one of the human needs that cannot be avoided anymore. This is because the house is a place where people can relax or do other activities. In addition to be a place to live, a house also becomes one of the facilities that can protect humans from exposure to rain or heat. Remembering the importance of house, a dream house that can meet the needs of the residents is a good house. A good house categories is very broad, such a good environment, free from flooding, a conducive environment and many other factors. However, in reality, it is not easy to choose the ideal house. There are so many factors to consider in choosing a house. If you have the wrong decision, then you will feel the impact immediately.

choosing a good house, flooding house
flooding house


Avoiding regrets later in life, here below are some tips on choosing a dream house for your family.The first tip is to determine the location of the house. A good house location is usually viewed from its strategic. You should pay attention to the main road access to the house which will you purchased. Do not buy a house that road access is difficult because it will be difficult for you in performing daily activities. A good location of a house is usually passed by strategic bus lanes or public transport. This will allow you to travel anywhere. You can choose a house that is located some distance away from the crowds if you have a private car.

choosing a good house, choose a good wall material of your house
choose a good wall material of your house


However, be smart in selecting a location for your future house. The house is located in the city or surrounding areas are very vulnerable to contamination by pollutants. In addition, note also the height of land in the area. Do not buy a house that the land is under the average because it is potentially experience flooding when the rains arrive. It is strongly recommended to consider the danger of disaster that might befall your family if you live in the house.

choosing a good house, air pollutions
air pollutions


The second tip is concerned the validity of the house. Make sure you are buying an existing house that has certificate. In addition, you also need to know the status of the land which is used as a house, whether the land is problematic or not. Problems relating to land usually dispute the ground.


Do not buy a house that the status of the land is still unclear although the developer or the seller offers a very cheap price with good quality houses. You will have difficulty in arranging the letters to your house especially if the land where houses are built or disputing his letters is being used as collateral to the bank. A way to avoid this problem, you can search for years about the reputation of the developer or seller in some media. Developer or sellers of a good house will not have a bad list that has an adverse in the media or in society related to their work.

Well, that’s some tips on choosing a good house.