Simple Tips in Arranging A Living Room

There are some basic and simple tips in arranging a living room. What are they? First tip is to create a theme. Arranging a living room must be started by choosing a theme and an atmosphres. It can be suited by the room function or the family needs, and also the total area of the house itself. For example, if you have a small house (under 150 square meters), a living room could be best used as a multi-function room. It means that it has two functions: children’s playing room and living room itself. If that’s the case, you should choose a simple, playful, colorful and modern theme for your living room.

Bright Living Room

The second tip in arranging a living room is to choose and arrange furnitures. This method is really important in arranging a living room. You should at least be careful in choosing a design, because in some markets/ shops, there are many designs offered. It will be bad if you are wrong in choosing a design theme. Therefore, for example, if you want to create an ethnic-theme living room, you should choose furnitures which can create those cultural atmosphere.

The third tip in arranging a living room is to create a decoration and accessory. Decorations includes adding the room elements and accessories. For example, the plain wall which is not very attractive before, can be changed into the beautiful ones. It can be added by the nature sones. If the wall would be arranged, you should pay attention on the proportion and location of the wall itself. In arranging a living room, it is not forbidden to hang up a painting or a family picture in the wall.

Dim Living Room

The other elements in arranging a living room is to arrange the light. Various atmospheres can be created by correct lighting. The living room will be more beautiful by adding some lights here and there. It relates to the night’s atmosphere. And in the afternoon, the display of a living room will look really natural because the light itself is spread equally. Moreover, arranging light in the room mustn’t be very expensive. In arranging a living room, you could set a downlight lamp if you want your room look bright. And, you should choose one with the dimmer.

Playful Living Room

The last tip in arranging a living room is to facilitate the audio-video set. It is one of the important stuffs which can make your living room more comfortable. To place it, you should better think about it first before making it real. It relates to the installment of electricity and its audio. It should be better if the set is located in the wide area of wall. It is meant to make the film aired can be watched joyfully by your family without any disturbance. Are you ready to apply those tips in arranging a living room?