Things to Look For When Making Outside Dining Area

You have to know things to look for when making outside dining area. In addition to determining the location, layout and storage of tableware, there are some other important things that must be considered carefully.

1. Hygiene factors
In the previous article, it has explained that the dining room beyond  are vulnerable to various impurities, such as dust and animals. Outside dining room is surrounded by gardens and plants must be kept clean so. This is because the presence of animals can affect the health of the family. Animals that may appear are cockroaches, mice or ants. Food crumbs or spills that are not immediately cleaned up would make the animal appears.A powerful way to make them get out of the dining room is by spraying pesticides or chemical liquid animal repellent. However, spraying these chemicals should be done with extreme caution. Spraying equipment in careless will contaminated the food and poisoning. The best solution, which although quite complicated, crumbs and spills of food scattered on tables, chairs or on the ground must be cleaned.


2. Attention to the quality of lighting
Electrical installation must make as much as possible for outdoor dining. Lighting is less than the maximum will actually make people who were having difficulties when taking something. Conversely, too much lighting would also ruin the atmosphere of the dining room. Some candles can be placed to help the lighting in the dining room. Besides useful to help the lighting, candles can also repel flies or other animals that get closer to the food presented.


things to look for when making outside dining area, candles in outdoor dining room
candles in outdoor dining room

3. Setting up a small cabinet to put food ingredients commonly used
Setting up a small cabinet to put the ingredients used are also considered important. Ingredients commonly added to foods at meals are tomato sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce and much more. Cabinet is prepared in the dining room will make people who were eating did not have to move too far away to pick up these items. The cabinet can be placed near the dining room or on a wheel. The cabinet is placed on the wheel will make it in the push in or out as needed. Cabinet with wheels can be a solution that is quite helpful for those of you who are preparing designs for dining outside the home.


things to look for when making outside dining area, kitchen cabinet design
kitchen cabinet design

4. Do not use carpet
The use of carpets as a base for dining out is not recommended because it will invite the animals appear as scattered food crumbs. Allow the soil to natural footwear. However, do not forget to keep clean, for example in a broom after the end of the meal. Also, make sure you also keep the soil quality.


5. Use roofing
Canopy can be the best solution to protect the dining room outside the house from rain and heat. The dining room is highlighted by the sun’s heat will make the situation uncomfortable. You also can not use the dining room when huja. However, it would not happen if the canopy is installed in the dining room.

things to look for when making outside dining area, canopy to protect the dining room from rain
canopy to protect the dining room from rain

Those are several things to look for when making outside dining area.