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How to Handle Damp Walls?

Do you know how to handle damp walls? This problem often annoys the owner of a house. This is one result of the construction of homes which have low quality. Home construction is better done when the dry season. This timing is not without reason. The rainy season can make home materials become wet and will affect the quality of the homes in the future. Construction of houses that are not perfect and in a hurry to make the process of settlement was not optimal. This of course affects the quality of your house. One of the problems are most likely to arise is a cracked wall. The walls are cracked; of course cause some problems later on. Besides the beauty of the wall becomes disrupted, a cracked wall can also be the cause of the entry of water into the house. The water that entry into the house through a wall can make the walls become damp. Damp walls over time will lead to black spot and mildew. read more

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