Tables in the Living Room

If you are complaining about how excessive your tables are around your house, there are tables in the living room which you should keep. Sometimes, there are people who consider that a living room without a table is better than having one. However, it will be more beautiful and comfortable if you at least have one or few tables on it.


The choosing of table should also be done by matching the living room’s size with its main sofas. Its shape and size are also matched with the activities you usually do. For example, a writing activity will need a different height of table, while eating breakfast (in front of the TV) will also need the different height of table, right?

Therefore, the decision of choosing one of the best tables in the living room is also based on who will use it. A side-table or complementary table is a smaller-sized table usually located beside the sofa, or, in its corner. It doesn’t have function as a main table, but a supporting table which lamp and vase can lay on.

TV Bench

A TV bench is also one of the tables which is always on the living room. It has a slender size like a console-table but short. Besides having function as a place to locate electronic medias, a TV bench is also equipped with DVD shelves and drawers. The other table which is always on the living room is the credenza.

Credenza is as same as a multifunctional storage. This cabinet, besides having function as a place for keeping stuffs, such as books and CDs, it also can be used as place for keeping electronic medias such as TV, stereo-set and anything else. It is usually made of wood material. However, the combination of stainless steel and glass are so popular these days that everyone gets to buy them.


The position of credenza lay on one side of the room. Usually, every furniture are neatly arranged based on the position of the TV. This condition may make every appliances are only on that side. Well, do you have one of these living room’s tables in your house?