Simple Inspiration for A Small Parlor

In designing a house interior, there is a simple inspiration for a small parlor. Right now, it becomes seldom for a guest to visit our house. Then finally, people remove the parlor’s function from the house’s lay-out and replace it with a living room. For the rest of people, the parlor is still becoming the important part of the house, because it is the first room which can represent the owner’s character.

Parlor with Different Sofa

In a small room, a parlor is also small. Therefore, you shouldn’t fulfill it with much furniture. You can only use furniture which you need, such as a sofa, a chair and a table. If there are still a space, you can place corner-table on it. You shouldn’t use big sofa, because a too-big sofa will make your parlor narrower and more crowded. Therefore, you cannot move freely.

So, where is the best place to locate a sofa? If it’s possible, those two sofas can be leaned to the wall in order to make your parlor look wider. If it’s not possible, you should lean one of the sofas whose size is bigger. The important thing is, the location of the sofa doesn’t distract the circulation from the door to the other rooms in your house.

Parlor with a Set of Sofa

To make a different style, you should also try to use two different sofas. It can be different in either model, design, or color. To combine those different sofas, you should look for the similariry of them. It can be a color. Well then, are you ready to prepare the simple inspiration for a small parlor?