Several Things to Consider Keeping the Fish Pond at House

There are several things to consider keeping the fish pond at house in order to maintain the cleanliness and quality. When the fish pond is completed please do not immediately fill the pond with fish. You should pay attention to appearance of the pond.

several things to consider keeping the fish pond, fish pond at a house
fish pond at a house

1. The walls of the pond
You should consider to make pond wall coatings. Natural stones can be added in your pond so it looks more fun. The bottom of the pond can be made into colored with natural rock or installing sprinkling of colorful tiles. Natural rock or ceramic accessories on the bottom of your pond must be diligent cleaning. The bottom of the pond can be a means of moss to grow if you not it cleaned regularly. Moss was able to supply food for fish, but too much moss can cause the pond to be turbid. Turbid pond can make the fish are not seen clearly. In addition, a dirty pond can be a place for mosquitoes for saving their eggs. So, keep your pond clean please.
2. Pond Accessories
Ornate fountain can become one of the accessories that can enhance the look of your fish pond. Ornate fountain can also be fitted by water propulsion engine. Installation of water propulsion engine is useful to supply oxygen to your pond so the fish still get sufficient oxygen supply. You can also add filters to maintain the cleanliness of water in the pond. Fish pond that is not fitted by the water propulsion engines will more often murky. If this happens, then it should be made a water channel to facilitate for draining and refilling the water in the pond. Make sure the drainage is also made for your fish pond. The drain valve in the pond water can be stored in the bottom of the pond. Drain valve can use a rubber, a watertight, or iron that has been coated so as not easily corroded.
3. The depth of the pond
A fish pond must have depth at least about 50 cm while the prominence of water in the pond is about 35 cm. However, the depth of the pond can be changed according to the type of fish that you raised. If you keep koi, the pond depth of at least about one meter. It will give the koi grows quickly. If ponds are made of small and shallow, then the pond can only be filled with small koi fish.

several things to consider keeping the fish pond, koi in the pond
koi in the pond

4. Noting the water supply
Fish pond which filled with ornamental fish should be routinely replaced. Water that is not routinely replaced will make ornamental fish become stunted even can make your fish died! However, the pond that is not filled with ornamental fish will be more resistant to water a little dirty. However, this does not mean you do not have to replace the water regularly. Water supply can also be aided by installing a filter.

several things to consider keeping the fish pond, moss in a fish pond
moss in a fish pond

Well, make the pond water was not difficult, but you also need to know several things to consider keeping the fish pond at home.