Scandinavian Dining Room

A calm atmosphere in Scandinavia and in North Europe’s countries becomes the idea to create a unique Scandinavian dining room. This idea also becomes very interesting to them who have visited those countries. Let alone visiting them, for you who ­only see it in the books or magazine will also feel the same, right?

Original Scandinavian Dining Room

The traditional style of Scandinavian village is always simple, but to attracts us. It feels like we’re going to go to some kind of “relaxation” when we visit those villages. For some additional information, we can own this kind of interior arrangement like that, even though we are not in Europe.

The domination of white becomes the interior key for Scandinavian dining room. That’s the reason why in such dining room, a whole wall and furniture are colored by white. As a “warmer” for the atmosphere, you could combine the color of white with the natural colors, such as green, brown, red, and many more.

Tiny Apartment with Scandinavian Dining Room

But, how’s about the motive of Scandinavian dining room? This style implies a motive of line, square, or floral. In applying Scandinavian dining room, the line-patterned upholstery is applied in a chair while the floral-motive is applied in the window. As for the floor, it can be beautified with the wool carpet, parquet, or – if you want to use some tiles – you should choose the beige or white one.

The wooden material is often used for the interior of Scandinavian living room. Therefore, the implementation of Scandinavian dining room can place one set of wooden furniture with white finshin duco. The display of this Scandinavian dining room is getting more beautiful, ornamented by white lamp and a flower bouquet above the table.

Vintage Modern Scandinavian Dining Room

For you who doesn’t live in Scandinavia, don’t leave your own traditional style to be applied in this Scandinavian dining room. As an accent or accessories, you should place some of your cultural accessories in your “Scandinavian dining room”. A plant-framed mirror or other ceramic could be your choice in combining these styles.

You mustn’t put them excessively because it will sometimes disturb your relax. Instead of disturbing your comfort to eat, these “traditional” accessories will indeed make your atmosphere of Scandinavian dining room more beautiful and unique.