An Oriental-Style Bathroom

If you have an old-style bathroom and you get bored with it, an oriental-style bathroom is a better choice for you to change your old one. During some period of times, an oriental-style has been commonly found in some places, except bathroom. It isn’t because that people get afraid to apply it there, but sometimes the oriental-style bathroom is the “opened” one.

Bathroom with Oriental-style

If you try to apply the oriental-style bathroom in your house, you should prepare every single characters of it. Perhaps, you should make your bathroom as wide open as the sky. Therefore, it will really look like oriental-style bathroom. On the inside of the oriental-style bathroom, as like as in the oriental room, you should place some furniture made of wood. One of the best furniture which looks good in wood is the washbasin.

Asian-style Bathroom

If you have some plants on your house, then they would be better replaced to the bathroom. The locating of the plants, with the sun light from the door and window, gives the natural look for this oriental-style bathroom, not only for the activity of taking a bath, but also to the environment itself. For this type of bathroom, the shower area and toilet must be really covered and safe.

In creating this oriental-style bathroom, using the material of wood in the shower area and toilet (wet area) must be really burdensome for most people. However, to this “open wide” oriental-style bathroom, you can use a fiber-contained wood or a composite-material wood in order to get its durability. But, this kind of wood is relatively expensive.

Moden Asian-style Bathroom

For you who still want to apply wood material in the bathroom, why don’t you try to replace it with the wooden-motive ceramic? It will exactly be more durable than using a wood. Nowadays, there are so much ceramic producers who make the motive of wood into one of the ceramic motives. Its appearance is as “natural” as the “real” wood. Its treatment for your bathroom with oriental-style is also easy, as well as its price.