Multi-functional Bed-storage in the Bedroom

Creating the multi-functional bed-storage in the bedroom will save a lot of your space area of storage. As you know, there is a bed which can be used not only for sleeping, but also for keeping stuffs. It has function as a storage, too. This kind of bed is very useful to be placed especially in a small bedroom, because it can save a lot of room space. If you have a small-to-medium size bedroom and are confused about placing your stuffs, then you should better create this type of bed.


In every place in your house, including in your bedroom, you must have complained about proper space area for storage, right? When you are already confused about that, then you should better to change/ renovate your bedroom’s decoration. Sometimes, when you do that, there will be a lot of space area left.

Bed with Bookshelves

About the storage, you don’t have to be worried. You don’t need to buy or put another wardrobe or rack in your bedroom, if you have a multi-functional bed in your bedroom. This type of bed can also be created to be a storage. One of the types of this bed is a bed whose under-section is completed with some drawers. You can put your stuffs in these drawers, therefore you don’t have to bother to buy another wardrobe.

In case you need more space to keep your stuffs, you can make a bed equiped with its hidden-storage. The bed’s under-section can be created as a storage chest. Its doorknob is under the mattress, above the bed. This kind of bed-storage even has more space area for keeping stuffs. You can keep your books, magazines, clothes or bed-sheets and curtain.

Bed with Drawers

However, in some countries, this kind of bed-storage have not already been sold in the ordinary department store. You should at least make it as a custom-made bed. Besides that, by making it as a custom-made bed, you can freely customize it based on your need and your bedroom’s size in your house. Therefore, this multi-functional bed-storage in the bedroom can also be used as maximum as you can.