Smart Modern Kitchen Design

Some people are hard to create a smart modern kitchen design on their own. They know that kitchen is the most important place in the house where food is processed for all family but still they don’t know how to create it in very good way. If you have a large space area for kitchen, you can create a double-space area for kitchen and dining room to save some spaces.

Modern Kitchen Design

The relation between these two rooms are optimalized by designing a double-line kitchen set. You have to put one L-shaped cabinet stuck on the kitchen’s wall and the the other cabinet is placed between the kitchen and dining room. Its function is as a “connector” between these two areas. Between these area, there is a 2.2m distance, so it won’t stop the working circulation in the kitchen and dining room.

Bar Table Style Kitchen

The L-shaped cabinet itself has 6.3m in length. You should also put a sink, which has two washtubs, plus its dryer, in one side of the work tops. The choosing of the big sink is adjusted by the owner’s activity of cooking. Same thing goes to the gas stove on the other side of work top. This stove let you cook more at the same time. The other appliances, such as oven, microwave and refrigerator (with its side-by-side door) have been built in the cabinet. The kitchen becomes neater.

Modern L-shaped Kitchen Design

The other cabinet has a smaller size. Its length is only about 2.4m. The up-part of the cabinet has function of serving and breakfast table, while the under-part has function as storage. You can create this cabinet by using finishing high gloss panel, then the color of the cabinet will give the look of shiny and luxurious.

Its table top uses the material of black solid surface while its handle and door frame uses an aluminum material. The combination of these colors is very suitable, luxurious and modern to each other. Its geometric line and simple detail on the cabinet also make them look like smart modern kitchen design.