A Combination of Modern and Oriental Style Bedroom

If you want to create a new and unique style of bedroom, a combination of modern and oriental style bedroom perhaps would be a best choice for you to pick. These two styles of modern and oriental are neither opposite nor equal. Applying two combinations of styles in one room would have never been imagined before. However, once you apply the two styles of modern and oriental bedroom into your house, it would be very lovely and catchy.

Bedroom with Modern and Oriental Style

Most people feel less confident in trying to apply new things and unnatural, especially when it comes to “arranging a room”. Whereas, there are so much creativity which can create many interesting displays when they are applied in modern and oriental style bedroom. Combining two different styles in one room, for example, will make our forehead wrinkled at some times when hearing these things.

At least, in the beginning, don’t think about what the result will show. A modern and oriental style bedroom is not as “bad” as you think. It may often happen that what we thought is very different with what we really see now. It’s as same as combining two colors. Feeling guilty or afraid often happens when it comes to creating a modern and oriental style bedroom. Well then, to make you more confident in applying modern and oriental style bedroom, you should at least find for more information in a newspaper or in an internet.

Oriental Painting

If you are afraid to apply the modern and oriental styles bedroom into your whole house, let’s try to apply it to your bedroom first. The dominance of white and black represents how the modern style is. Also for its artwork design hung on the wall, it represents the same thing. However, it’s never wrong to apply one of oriental stuffs in your future modern and oriental style bedroom.

If you want to put and apply some oriental things to your bedroom in applying modern and oriental style bedroom, it perhaps comes from two elements which is the basic need of the bedroom. First is the oriental-theme-painted partition made by wooden. The partition is not meant to be a room bulkhead, but to be an accessories for an empty-look wall on one side of your modern and oriental style bedroom.

Bamboo Partition

The second elements you must prepare for your modern and oriental style bedroom is two standing-lamps beside the bed. Explicitly, the two lamps look very natural for the bedroom itself. However, it can be added with some accessories such as shells and red tassels, just like an oriental style. Seems very beautiful, right? Moreover, your bedroom with modern and oriental style looks very different than the others.