A Beautiful Modern and Classic Kitchen

Once you are bored of your old-style kitchen, then it’s the time for you to change the style of your kitchen into a combination of modern and classic kitchen. Sometimes, people are afraid to apply two different styles on one place. The thing they don’t know that the result is not very bad at all. It indeed gives an absolute result.

Kitchen with Modern Classic Style

For you who have a same-space area for a kitchen and dining room, there’s a way to create them beautifully, such as in applying the modern and classic kitchen. If you stand between them, all you can do is to admire your creation. When you are looking at the right side, you see a modern kitchen. While in the left side, you see a classic dining room.

Kitchen with Classic Style

Once you create a modern kitchen, the detail of it will come to your mind. The design looks clean and really modern. It can be applied by less-color on it, pattern-less. The colors which really match with this concept of modern are white, silver and a little-bit red in the bar table. It’s already enough to give you a “cool” look.

Then, what’s in the dining room? You can also put white in color dominantly. Red and silver are also there, because these three colors are the main straps of all three. However, the look you get when you enter this room will not be the same. Compared with the clean kitchen, you will put this dining room by various motives, patterns and shapes.

Kitchen with Modern Style

If you put a Victorian chair on each side of dining table, it will complete the whole concept of classic and modern style of this kitchen and dining room. As you know, Victorian stuffs usually represents classic-style. Therefore, if you want to create a beautiful modern and classic kitchen in your house, then you should better to put some Victorian stuffs on it.