Minimalist decor In Kitchen, Beautiful and Useful

Minimalist decor in kitchen has become one of the options for those of you who love the decor simple yet memorable. Minimalist decor is becoming one of many decorations are favored by many people. Many people love the minimalist decor in their kitchens because of the use of the simple stuff but still carry enough meaning. Minimalist decor is not much use as decoration ornaments in classic room. If you decide to use a minimalist decor in the kitchen at house, then you should know the difference between minimalist decors with other types of decorations. Minimalist decor tends to use a simple decoration. Simplicity is precisely what impact the number of ornaments used in the room. This is contrary to the classical decoration or decor is very concerned with the esthetically. Classical decoration or decoration would like more emphasis to the aspect of beauty and art. However, this does not mean minimalist decor does not pay attention in terms of beauty; it’s just that, classic decor further highlight the shape of the ornament when compared to its function.


Minimalist decor in kitchen, using bright color as a decoration
using bright color as a decoration

Minimalist decor in the kitchen is considered sufficient to provide enough of beauty compared with other decor. It’s just a minimalist decor is more about the function of ornaments are used as decoration in the kitchen. One of the minimalist decors in the kitchen is the use of curtains on the windows in the kitchen. Window in the kitchen is often left to improvise, with no decoration. You can decorate the windows in the kitchen with a beautiful curtain. But, of course, beautiful curtains should be in harmony with the concept and the colors used in the kitchen. You can choose a simple curtain, given the kitchen to be decorated is a minimalist kitchen, and then the curtain must have the same concept. Also, do not forget to choose the color of the curtains that match your kitchen colors. If you use white kitchen, you can choose the white curtains. However, to give the feel of another, you can use a curtain with a different motif.

Minimalist decor in kitchen, unique furniture
unique furniture


Other decorations that can be used as a decoration on a minimalist concept kitchen were built in storage. If you have used kitchen set in your kitchen, but still short of storage space, you can use the built in storage. Built in storage can be used as a garnish and, according to its function, as a place to store things. However, if you took the initiative to create a built in storage, then you can store some items such as herbs in the cupboard. If you have used in the kitchen with the kitchen set up, that you have entered all the kitchen equipment in, you can put some decorations on the built in storage. The ornaments include hand wipes. Fold the hand towel and store neatly in a built-in storage. You can also save some toys to give to the relaxed feel of your kitchen. You can see some other minimalist decor in interior design magazines.

Minimalist decor in kitchen, using cabinets
using cabinets


Well, if you’ve got inspiration, try to practice a minimalist decor in kitchen.