Making Your Garden Green

There are many ways in making your garden more green, including by creating a green and beautiful garden in front of your house. This garden will definitely make your house fresh and peaceful. For you who have a limited space of garden, it’s better for you to make a waterfall pond in the corner of your garden.

Small Fish Pond

In making you garden green and fresh, the presence of the garden in your house is certainly very important. It has benefits to make your living prestigious. Beside for making your garden green, this spot also has function to be the refreshing and playing area. It can also be the place which can give inspiration and comfort.

Artificial Waterfall

In making your garden green, for you who have a small-to-medium garden, it’s a must for you to create a simple waterfall pond above. This small pond is very simple, where the stuffs of the pond is like a mini-waterfall. Natural stone becomes a part of the pond which makes the pond really beautiful. The function of the stone is to make the pond shiny and bright when sun-light comes down to the basic of the pond.

In making your garden green, there is also need to make this mini waterfall look very wide and stylish. To make this small pond, you need natural stone, a 20cmx40cm andesite and a 30cmx30cm temple stone. You can manage yourself about the amount of the stone with the width of your pond.

Small-to-medium Waterfall

Then, the last method is to add some plants around the pond so that birds or other animal can live there. So, do you want to make your garden yourself? Then do it. For you who have small garden back of your house, in making your garden green, it’s better for you to create this mini waterfall.