Making the Effective Laundry Room Design

Making the effective laundry room design cannot be made haphazardly. Laundry room is always associated with the installation of the water. This is what makes the design of the laundry room should not be made carelessly. The laundry room clean is everyone’s dream, especially housewives. Laundry room is a room which is used to wash clothes if you do not have time to go to the laundry. The laundry room must be connected with the installation of water and electricity. Unsafe installation will affect the safety of your family. Make sure the electrical installations at home, include the installation in the laundry room is not broken or problematic. In addition to the installation of the above, the water disposal system must also be considered as well. Clogged drainage system that will make your laundry room into dirty even smelly! That is the reason why you should plan carefully your laundry room.

Making the Effective Laundry Room Design, washing machine in the bathroom
washing machine in the bathroom

Home appliances that help you to wash are the existence of the washing machine. Laundry room is not complete without a washing machine. Location of the laundry room is usually located near the kitchen. A mother usually can cook while washing. It’s called multitasking. A person can do several things at once in the same time. However, you need a high concentration of multitasking. Cooking and washing or otherwise considered to be very effective indeed. You can save many times quite a lot. This would indeed be very profitable if the location of the kitchen and adjacent laundry room. However, it is different if you are not allowed to make a laundry room. Do not worry!

Making the Effective Laundry Room Design, basket to put dirty clothes
basket to put dirty clothes

The kitchen can be transformed from the laundry room. When this happens, then what is needed is the laundry room design. The design is should be minimalist, but still functioning optimally. Washing machines can be placed in the bathroom as long as the spacious bathroom can accommodate the size of a washing machine. You do not need to re-create a new drainage and electrical installations. However, the bathroom that used as a place to put washer is dry bath. If a bathroom in your home is a wet bathroom, then you should put the washing machine outside of the bathroom. This is done in order to avoid splashing water in the bathroom that allows the electrical short circuit. This is very influential to keep safety of your family.
Another thing you can do is make shelves for storing laundry equipment, such as brushes, detergents and fragrances, clothing. You do not need to set up a special place to keep the shelves. Shelves can be attached to the wall to save space. In addition to the shelves, you can also set up to store dirty clothes basket or hamper for storing clothes washing results. You do not need a big basket there. To get around the size of the basket, you can fold the clothes before being put into the basket.

Making the Effective Laundry Room Design, shelves in laundry room
shelves in laundry room

Now, after reading some suggestions above, is it easy making the effective laundry room design?