Making a Fish Pond for Relaxing at Houses

Making a fish pond in the courtyard of the house is away to relieve stress and fatigue after a day of work outside the home. Fish pond can also make house fresher and cooler. The calmness will grow when there is a gurgling sound of a small waterfall in the pond. Although the waterfall made is a mini waterfall, but the atmosphere of the pond will different. Tranquility and peace may be more pronounced if you look at or take a moment in front of the pond. Fish pond is usually filled with ornamental fish, such as koi fish. However, if the koi fish is too expensive to buy and has difficult treatment, then the inhabitants of a fish pond in your house may fall to the goldfish or other fish.

Making a fish pond, a fish pond at the living room
a fish pond at the living room

Well, to realize the pond, the first step to do is to make plan of a fish pond. Make a fish pond at house is not difficult. Currently, there are many services that offer pond and garden creation at home. However, if you have a limited budget, you can create your own fish pond. You can take advantage of technologies that can facilitate you to realize your dream is. Currently there are many magazines that feature a wide range of fish pond designs at home. You can also search for a fish pond designs on the internet or even just by your own imagination! It is easy, isn’t it?


Making a fish pond, use koi for your fish pond
use koi for your fish pond


First, you must specify the location of the fish pond at home. Please pick the right place and strategically. The site selection must be done carefully and also make sure the fish pond will have enough supply of water and sunlight. A fish pond is usually made in the front yard, back yard, but now a fish pond can be made inside the house. Actually, the location of a pond fish can be anywhere. You should also take other accessories that will be decorating your pond fish, such as lighting, drainage, and pumps.
The second step is to determine the material manufacturer’s fish pond. Made a lot of fish pond are usually made of concrete. Fish pond made of concrete does have a longer life compared with fish ponds made from other materials. However, you need to know how comparison of cement and sand to create a quality fish pond. Concrete mixture must be calculated carefully so that the fish pond is not easily cracked and broken. You can consult with a builder or an experienced person in this area.

Making a fish pond, mini waterdall in fish pond
mini waterdall in fish pond

The next step is to determine the size of the pond. If you choose to keep the koi fish in your pond you should make a pond that has a rather large size. You should also consider the depth of the pond. If the pond is too shallow, it will make the fish slide out and are very vulnerable for fish predators, like cats.However, a pond that too deep also may be dangerous to your child if one.

Do you want try making a fish pond?