Comfortable Living Room with Television

If you have a television in your house, then you better put it in your comfortable living room. Why? It’s because that putting the television there will make your living room more cheerful and joyful. Some people know that being comfortable in the living room is also determined by the choosing of television’s size and type.

Comfortable Living Room

People know that the screen of computer and television transmit a bad light of radiation. Therefore, you should let your family get sick just because watching on TV. Well, in order to make you feel comfortable when watching television, you should pay attention on these following tips which can make your activity of “watching on television” comfortable.

In making you feel comfortable when watching on television, you should better measure its size. You should measure the size of television (in inch), by its diagonal length of television’s screen. The ideal distance of watching on television is about 6 times longer than the diagonal length. For example, if you a 24-inch television, then the proper distance to watch it is about 3.6 meters.

Comfortable Modern Living Room

Meanwhile, it’s a little bit different with the LCD TV. The size used is the screen’s height. The radiation light transmitted is also smaller than the ordinary television, so that its proper distance is also different. For example, if you have a 35-inch LCD television, its ideal distance to watch it is about 3 meters. For a bigger size television, the distance is of course, further.

Small Comfortable Living Room

Then, if you are already known about this minimal distance for watching television, you should have to think about the audio. If it’s too far from the television set, of course you cannot hear the sound from the television. Therefore, if you have a bigger-size television, you should better add the speaker phone near to your sitting. So, if you are already had a comfortable living room with television, why do you still ignore about the radiation light TV gives?