Living Room As the Main Room of the House

Most people said that a living room is the heart of the house and a main room of the house. This terminology means that the living room has a major and main position in the house, so that, it would be better if this room could have been easily reached. Accessing the living room, or the heart of the house, would be very easy because its position is in the center.

Colorful Living Room

If the owner wants his/ her living room look like that, the zoning (the planning of the zone) must be perfectly designed first. The house design, including the position of the door, window, and wall, are closely related with this concept. It is done in order to access the room easily.

For you who have a medium-sized house, the living room takes place in the middle of the house. It takes a position of a main/ center room. Let’s say, if you have a children, you can easily and directly watch what your children are doing. The other family can also easily enter this room from their bedroom to the living room.

Contemporary Living Room

It should be better if the living room position is close to the kitchen, so that all family could easily do the activity of eating. The other things to do is to place all the electronic staff in the living room, so that television, as the facility of entertainment, can be enjoyed in one place.

Moreover, sequence of family’s activity has also influences to the planning of the zone which will be designed. The relaxing zone in the living room is designed in one shape room. Generally, this relaxing room is a semi-private room, where whole families gather, while chatting, playing, or watching on TV. The choosing of lighting, furniture and color would give a big influence to the room atmosphere.

Cozy Living Room

The circulation flow of the living room can be created by paying attention on where this room can be accessed from. It starts from the entrance door, then the parlor, and finally to the living room itself. Besides being close to the kitchen, the living room should be better close to the bedroom, garden, or stairs.

When all the rooms in the house have already been determined, the movements of those room is ready to be arranged. The arranging of circulation will be very easy if the liviing is in the corner of the house. However, this room is generally founded in the center of the house, therefore, the other furnitures also play important roles.

Modern-furnitured Living Room

The area of seating, such as sofa or carpet, looks like the basic furniture in the living room. In additional, it will be better if you add table set or television cabinet. As a main room in the house, the living room itself should be better flexible because it is also used as playing room for children. The stuffs, such as toys, computer, or piano can be added in the living room, as the main room of the house.