It Is Important To Build a Foundation for Your Home

Build a foundation is an important thing for building a house. The house might not be built without a foundation. There are many types of foundation used to create a home you should know the advantages and disadvantages foundation of your home. Strength of the foundation will determine the age of your home. The foundation is made carelessly can lead to your house collapsed even destroyed. You should also consider the composition of building materials used in making foundation.

foundation, foundation of a house
foundation of a house


A type of foundation that is widely used is a shallow foundation. The foundation of this type is to be used in the design of buildings that do not sustain too high and too heavy load. Shallow foundations are subdivided into several kinds of foundation, that foundation soles, stone foundations, and foundations chicken scratch.


The foundation of shaped likes the palm of the column. The foundation is commonly used in the two-floor building. This foundation can be created on land that has good condition. The second foundation is a foundation stone. This foundation is very familiar with our ears. The foundation stone is often used to make a home. The foundation stone was considered strong enough tobuild a house, because of the trapezium. In addition, the cost incurred to make the foundation stone is quite affordable. That is why the foundation stone is widely used as a foundation for building houses.

foundation, design of foundation
design of a foundation


The next foundation is the foundation of chicken scratch. The foundation is considered as the foundation of a strong and durable. Chicken scratch foundation can also be used to build electrical towers, buildings, bridges and others. Costs incurred makes this foundation is quite expensive in the beginning. However, it will be paid to the age of this foundation which is quite long and cost-efficient care. However, this foundation is also limited only to buildings that have the same height as the building of two floors.


A strong foundation is an importance thing for a building, including the house. The foundation must be strong because it must withstand the entire weight of the objects above it. The foundation must be taken into account properly so that no decline in the future. You should also take into account other matters before starting work on the foundation. The most important factor is the land that will be built into a home. You must know the structure of the soil that will be made the foundation. Soft ground should be made into hard. A way to make the land hard is to put more land on the soft soil and compacted. If you directly create a foundation on soft ground, the foundation will fall and the effect on your home.

foundation, chicken scratch foundation
chicken scratch foundation


In addition, you also must consider the materials to be used to create a foundation. Make sure you know how many doses will be used. The wrong dose will make your foundation did not last long.

Good materials also affects to build a foundation.