A Kitchen Windowpane

Sometimes peolple said, “It’s important to have a kitchen windowpane!”. Yes, it is. The flow of air and light are the important things which make the atmosphere in the kitchen comfortable and fun. Therefore, the presence of a kitchen windowpane becomes really important for us.

Large Windowpane in the Kitchen

It is really fun when you are cooking. For you whose hobby is cooking, you could even forget your time to take a bath while you are cooking, right? However, what will happen if your favorite activity makes your body unhealthy? It is because the oxygen heated by the fire of stove is indeed changeable by the new air flow, so that the room becomes airless.

A Framed Windowpane

Therefore, the presence of a windowpane in the kitchen decrease the bad quality of air in the kitchen. Beside air, a kitchen windowpane has also functions to reflect the light in the kitchen and make the kitchen fresh. The humidity of air can cause a disadvantage organism in the kitchen.

A windowpane in the kitchen should be better placed in the humid area of the kitchen, such as in the sink (washing area). You can customize the size of a kitchen windowpane with the length of your washing area. You can leave the kitchen windowpane without hinge, but it’s better for you to create some holes on it to continue the flow of fresh air from the outside.

Windowpane Placed in the Sink Area

The holes themselves are beneficial to free the heat flowing to the above. And you should remember to always clear the kitchen windowpane, at least once every three months. This should be done because the oil-steam sometimes stucks in the window holes and of course, in a windowpane in the kitchen itself.