Modern Kitchen and Working Area in the House

Recently there has been a modern kitchen and working area fixed in one place in the house. The kitchen itself has been a multi-functional room. It’s not only for cooking and eating, but also for working. For you who love to work while eating and chatting, these kind of modern kitchen is one of your best choices to be applied in your house.

Double-function Kitchen

If you have some parts of large space in your house, then the space would have been best suitable to apply this concept. The design of this double-function of kitchen and working area is created in modern style whose island is placed right on the center of the kitchen. You should also put some modern colors, such as black and white, the most eternal color of all. Besides that, this modern kitchen is also completed with extra counter top on one side of the kitchen. It is this counter top which has a lot of functions.

Completed with two chairs, the applying of this double-function kitchen can not only be a sitting area, but also a serving table and breakfast. It also can be used for working, of course. You should only bring your laptop here and start working. So, while waiting for the cooked food, you can also finish your work. If you are getting bored with your work, then you can pause for some minutes and start to drink a cup of coffee. Fun, isn’t it?


However, there are also things you must pay attention on. First, you should have to clean the kitchen. When you are done cooking, then you have to clean it first before you get to work again. Therefore, you can use it whenever you want it to. The other thing you must pay attention on is the light. There must be a proper light when you work. If the light is enough, then you can joyfully work.

The last thing you must pay attention on is the choosing of the furniture. If you want to create a double-function kitchen in your house, you have to choose a comfortable furniture because you will have to spend some of your time here. A comfortable chair will make your working mood increase. Hopefully, this concept of modern kitchen and working area in the house fixed on the same area would be your inspiration.