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The Condition of the Bookshelf Affects Your Book’s Collection

The condition of the bookshelf affects your book’s collection. Bookshelves is a must thing for people who love to read or keep books at home is becoming a must thing to have. The existence of a bookshelf is very helpful to keep books and neatly arranged. A neat bookcase will make a room more spacious, but the bookshelves are messy tend to make a room to be cramped. Besides its function to keep books, bookshelves can also be used as storage places other items such as dolls or accessories. However, it is inseparable from a bookshelf design that is used. read more

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Steps to Turn Your Window into Bookshelf

Getting rid of your window casing

Your window itself ought to be left in position. The inner casings have to be padded out, equalized and hang flush to ensure that when your initial “box” shelf is placed in to the hole they fit snugly and safely with no wobble that may make any table decor fall to its disaster. Use an amount to obtain the exact measurement from the pad wood you’ll nail round the inner edges from the home windows. Some casing might need to be removed, in some cases wood must be included to result in the inner casing from the window flush and dimensions consistent. Remove any casing round the wall from the window too. read more

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