Fresher by Using Design of a Tropical House

Are you interested in making the design of a tropical house and make it happen in real? Tropical house is defined as a house that is able to adapt or survive in tropical climates, where the house is built. There are some countries that are located in tropical climates, where there are only two seasons in each year. This is of course different from the countries that have four seasons in each year. This was the climate affecting the shape and design of homes, particularly homes in tropical climates. Tropical home is often considered the home with a simple design, because only faced two seasons only. The house that faced the four seasons considered more complex because it must deal with the four seasons in one year. However, this assumption is wrong. Wherever home is located, a home must have the ability to adapt in any season.


tropical house, tropical house design
tropical house design

However, along with the times, the tropical house concept has created a more modern premise. Before discussing the concept of modern tropical house, it helps us to know the initial concept of the tropical house itself. There are several things that distinguish tropical house with another concept home. One of the things that distinguishes tropical house with other home design is the height of the roof. Tropical house whose roof using roof tiles, shall have the right angle. The slope is not exactly going to make a tile fall because there is nothing to hold him to stay on top. In addition to the angle of the roof, tropical house also must also consider the ventilation holes. Ventilation holes on the tropical house used to make the air in the house to keep it fresh and hot. It is intended to create conditions at home are not hot. The house was built in a tropical environment that has only two seasons, namely dry season and rainy season. Ventilation holes to prevent the owner of the house using the air conditioner, which can also save on electricity usage. Identical conditions, tropical house with a warm home will make the owner do not use cooling or heating.


tropical house, modern tropical house
modern tropical house

Tropical interior design of the house is identical to the use of natural materials. Natural materials are often used include natural stone, bamboo and other natural materials. You can use natural stone such as marble or granite for flooring. Both of these rock types have the effect of cooling the room so it is suitable for use in the tropical house. In addition, the use of both these rocks also serve for the homeowner does not using the air conditioner. The use of bamboo can be applied in some ornament house, for example, is used as an ornamental garden. The use of natural materials will further confirm the impression of a tropical house to be built.


tropical house, tropical house ventilations
tropical house ventilation

Tropical house also indirectly support the greening program for the earth. This is because the tropical house does not use air conditioner and further optimize the use of natural resources.

Well, that’s a few tips to make the design of a tropical house.