Fresh Old-style Ethnic Pantry

Have you ever imagined about having a fresh old-style ethnic pantry in your house? If you haven’t, it’s time for you to do that. The term “pantry” is usually found in the office. However, you can also create it in your house. As you know, pantry is a room where food, provisions, dishes, or linens are stored and served in an ancillary capacity to the kitchen. It’s used for gathering the whole family while eating and chatting to each other.

Ethnic Pantry

If you have a dry-kitchen in your house, that’s very similar to the definition of “pantry”. When you enter the area of your fresh old-style ethnic pantry in your house, the atmosphere is really comfortable. The ethnic furniture you have to apply will also give you its comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, you will be also comfortable to be here.

Old-style Pantry

You can also use the area of this fresh old-style ethnic pantry as a reading room. There will be a wooden antique cabinet, with its glass-door, which is used for collecting some books. A table bar with four tender bar stools can also be added to this fresh old-style ethnic pantry. It’s used as a main comfortable facilities when doing activities in this ethnic pantry.

There will be also a unique thing which must be added. An artwork should be hung in the wall to keep the feeling of fresh. You don’t need to buy it actually, but you can re-cycle your old-stuff into a beautiful artwork. For example, if you have a second-hand ornamented iron, you can hang it on the wall as a decorative elements.

Ethnic Pantry

You can also put the ethnic touch also presents in the ceiling, on its lamp. The shape can be simple and its design is also not popular these days. However, the presence of these antique and unique stuffs makes the fresh old-style ethnic pantry in your house more personal and more interesting to be paid attention on.