European Garden-Style Dining Room

It’s easy to make a European garden-style dining room, even though in your own house. All you have to do is mix-match the color and the furniture, and of course, the plants. The dominance of white color indeed makes the touch of green interesting and refreshing. Or, the applying of the Baroque-style mirror or the classic park lamp will make your European garden-style dining room attractive and comfortable. It indeed brings you to the “real” European garden, right?

Green Dining Room

It’s impossible for you to not being in love when you are first entering the European garden-style dining room. The dominance of white color directly gives you the clean and fresh-look. The spreading of the green “grass-carpet” makes the atmosphere of park “real”. In additional, when you are seeing the colorful green artificial garden accessories above the dining table, it will make you hungrier. No wonder, those colors will stimulate you appetite to eat. It’s nice to see them, right?

However, although it looks so classical, the applying of European garden-style dining room would be very simple. It is indeed designed for people who don’t have time to eat in the dining room. The concept of this European garden-style dining room is about the tall table, which is stuck to the wall, complete with 2 bar stools, wide enough to spend at least breakfast or supper. In order to make your eyes bored, you should better to place an ornamented mirror above the surface, in the wall.

Garden-style Dining Room

Exactly right in this European garden-style dining room which is closer to the kitchen, you can serve your guests or relatives who come to visit to your house. This simple European garden-style has its own better attractive atmosphere, than the private conventional one. The other advantage of this European garden-style dining room is that this room doesn’t need a large area to build.

So, you’ll have extra space to create another room, right? Well then, are you ready to show your collection of classic tea-set in this European garden-style dining room?