Elements of Bed and Its Functions

There are indeed some elements of bed and its functions which you cannot ignore. Some of them even are very important to the presence of bed itself. As you know, bed is not only a place for you to sleep, but also to relax, watch on the television, or even to read. It is provided on various shapes, types, and sizes.

Classic Bed

Therefore, because it has various functions, you shouldn’t be wrong to choose it. At least, you should carefully choose it without a doubt. You’ll regret if you choose it wrong. The main factor you should pay attention on is its durability. This is important, especially when it’s used by many people at the same time. If it’s not strong, then its construction can be broken.

According to the designs, there are also styles of both modern and classic. The classic one still uses pillars on its four corners, also completed with valance. While the modern bed is designed as practice and effective as it is. There are also bed whose storage is united to it. Its function is to keep stuffs. Well, do you want to know what elements of bed and their function completed in the bed are?

Bed's Headboard

The first element is its headboard. It’s designed very detail and made of various material, such as wood or even iron. It’s used to put on books, sunglasses, or alarm clock. You should make its detail as same as the other furniture on your bedroom, such as niche and wardrobe.

The second element is its pillar. The additional pillars in the corner of your bed makes it look strong. Usually, it’s chosen in a slender dimension to make it look proportional. In the antique and classic style, the pillar is equipped with valance. While for the modern style, some people choose to remove the presence of pillar because it’s considered useless.

Bed's Pillar

The third element is its material. A bed is usually made of wood. But there are some people who choose metals, such as forged/ chromed iron. The solid wood, such as teak, has its own prestige on creating furniture. The last element is its mattress.

There are various kind of mattress in the market and three choices for people to buy, including a medium size, a large size and a super-large size for this mattress. By knowing the elements of bed and functions of bed, you could differ a bad bed with a good one, right?