An Elegant Purple Kitchen

If you have a limited space-area in your house, the elegant purple kitchen perhaps would be your best choice to apply. As you know, putting some colors on your kitchen can be either better or worst. However, if you know how to apply it carefully, the result won’t disappoint you. Bright colors, such as pink, purple, or orange can increase your mood on cooking. While dark colors are in the opposite.

Elegant Purple Kitchen

If you have a 3mx3m kitchen with three doors as accesses to the living room, warehouse and service room, it’s better for you to make your kitchen look wider. One of the door can be used and showed as usual, while the other two can be created vaguely. This vagueness is done in order to remove the look of narrow. Therefore, your kitchen will look bigger than before.

Elegant Kitchen

If you have a white-color kitchen and also create the warehouse’s door in white, then you should make it really invisible. The mark is its niche with a vase. The service room’s door, however, are created vaguely with mirror, as similar as its wall. The other interesting process when you are preparing this kitchen is the applying of “purple” in most parts of the kitchen set cabinet.

Its design is very unique, with square motive. The square elements also appear in the floor and in the glass back-panel. This combination will make your kitchen look very elegant and comfortable, for sure. Then, if you want to apply the other colors, such as black, or red, it’s not forbidden. Black looks very strong while its usage of light in the cabinet makes the color of white less plain.

Purple Kitchen

Also there is a void in the kitchen which connects the air circulation in that kitchen. You should create the void as invisible as you can by using an iron hollow given by the color of grey. The color of silver and grey in this kitchen become complementary of the purple, white and black composition. Then finally, if you are already bored with your kitchen style, this elegant purple kitchen would be your reference to try.