Double-function Dining Table: Japanese-like Restaurant

For you who love Japanese food, it’s better for you to create this kind of double-function dining table in your kitchen or in your dining room. Why? Because, as you know, the placement of this double-function dining table is hung together with the placement of the stove. Therefore, when you are done cooking, you can directly eat the food at the same time and place, without bothering to move to the dining room.

Double-function Dining Table

A Japanese food lover has also been familiar with this double-function dining table. In some Japanese restaurant, you often find this kind of dining table. When you are getting to serve the Okonomiyaki (a Japanese food), you would have to use this double-function dining table as a stove. However, when the Okonomiyaki is already cooked, it can directly be eaten. This kind of menu is both cooked and served in the stove which is in front of the restaurant customers.

Double-function Kitchen

Then, this kind of concept of applying double-function dining table can also be applied in your house. The tips in applying this double-function dining table is also very simple and practical. As you can imagine, this kind of double-function dining table in your kitchen is relatively practical, because you can remove the dining room.

Besides that, the activity of cooking, eating, or chatting can be done at the same place and time. You don’t have to prepare a set of plate or bowl because when you are done cooking, the other family member can directly eat it. However, there are so many people who are still a little bit uncomfortable to eat in this double-function dining table, near to the stove.

Double-function Design

To create this double-function dining table, a table where the stove is place is actually a peninsula, added to the series of kitchen set. You can also create this peninsula in the kitchen island, by only designing its table top in order to be functioned as dining table. You add some chairs, and you are already done with preparation of applying this double-function dining table in the kitchen, similar to the Japanese-like restaurant!