Designing Bed Room for Teen girls

Designing bed room for teen girls are not much different from designing a room for a child. Designing rooms for teen girls is fun, especially for mothers. It is as alert them when they are teenagers. Bed room designs for teen girls are a lot of choice. You can find a theme or combining several themes into a bed room. In designing rooms for teen girls is of course very different from the teen boys’ room. One of the most differences is the color used in these rooms. If the rooms for teen girls tend to use colors that are much favored by women, such as pink, yellow and purple, while the color is likely favored by the boys is blue, red and black. However, there are also some girls who l

Designing Bed Room for Teen girls, girl's teen bedroom
girl's teen bedroom

One of the most important things to be noticed by the parents is the privacy and security factor for the teen girls. Before you begin designing a room, it is a good idea to ask whether the room design as desired by her. You can leave the room design as her plans and like she wants. The rooms which are not in accordance with the owners usually do not even want to place because she did not like.
After she told the design of the room that she wanted, you can begin to consider it from various aspects and furniture to be used. You can use the color of your teen girls liking. If she wanted a pink color on the walls of her room, then use the color she wanted. You can make a little improvise by making a profile on the wall or some other color combination. This is done in order to make the room is not monotonous in color, that’s all. In addition, you also have to pay attention to air circulation in the room. You must consider about the air circulation in the room. You also have to control the safety factor of the window, for example by installing a trellis. You also need to attach an opaque curtain.


Designing Bed Room for Teen girls, cute teen bedroom
cute teen bedroom

You must also consider furniture to be used. Teen girls usually have a favorite character that should be applied in all the stuff he has. If she liked Barbie, then you might to use the furniture with the same theme. Do not forget to consider the harmony of furniture that will be placed in the room. Bedroom furniture in teen girls is usually a single bed wardrobe, mirror, and a desk. You must noticed that the furniture is placed in the room the girls were not too many that should not hinder the mobility of the owner of the room.


Designing Bed Room for Teen girls, good air circulation in teen bedroom
good air circulation in teen bedroom

Given this room is a room for teenage girls, and then you should keep the dressing table. The teen girls really like it. Store dressing table in her room will be one of the typical decorations. In addition, you can also store toys or his favorite things in bed.

Good luck in designing bed room for teen girls!