Designing A Kitchen Based on Its Function

You should have had an idea before designing a kitchen. At least, you have to design it based on its function. You cannot carelessly pick random thing to be put on your kitchen, right? You should first know about its function and its activity’s division in the kitchen in order to make it more comfortable to use.

Wet and Dry Kitchen

A kitchen is as same as a heart in the house. So many activities related to the processing food happen in this room. It is one of the reasons why a kitchen should be designed neatly and comfortable. The process of designing a kitchen cannot be careless, because it will cause an uncomfortable atmosphere when you are doing activities there. One of the most important things you should know before designing a kitchen is to divide its activity based on its function.


The kitchen is divided into two main parts; a wet and dry kitchen, based on this category. As you know, a wet kitchen is the area of kitchen which is used for cooking activity. It starts from the food cleaning, food processing, to the washing the dishes. A dry kitchen refers to the kitchen area for doing simpler activity, such as serving food at breakfast time.

The other activities you can do in the dry kitchen is for example making some tea or coffee and gathering with your family or chatting with them while eating the meal. After knowing the division of a kitchen, it’s time for you to make a kitchen’s layout. A kitchen should follow the triangle type.

Kitchen Storage

This concept was made based on three main functions of kitchen, that are storage, preparation and process. Based on this concept, the distance of refrigerator, stove and a sink must be balance or in triangle shape. Then you are ready in designing a kitchen based on its function.