Oriental Asian Home Decor

If you want something oriental in the house, it is better for you to apply the Asian home decor as the perfect answer for your intention. Even though you can get a wide variety of home decors, it will be suitable for you to find the perfect home decor that can fill your need. If you really want to have tranquil, relaxing and calming atmosphere in the house, the Asian home decor is the right one.

Asian Living Room

Getting the look of the perfect Asian home decor is not really difficult. You just have to be creative when mixing and matching the accessories, furniture pieces, and knick knacks. There are many ways to get the suitable Asian home decor. The Asian home decor is included in Chinese, Japanese or Korean decoration.

You need to carry some oriental quality of the countries. One of them is placing the statues which can express the Asian home decor. Some of the best example is the statue of Buddha. It can make your house look more Asian than before. The statue of temple can be the other solution that you may place in the table, cabinet, or fireplace.

Asian Dining Room

What about the lighting in the Asian Home décor? The Asian country usually will apply lantern as the source of lighting. You may also install some lanterns in the house as the home decor even though it is not functioned as the main lighting system in the house. You just have to place it on the outside of the house. Now, we come to the selection of the furniture in Asian Home decor.

When you want to pick the furniture pieces like table, chair, bedroom, and cabinet, you need to make sure that you can replicate the appearance of the furniture that the Japanese or Asian countries have. Their furniture usually is carved in oriental pattern. You just have to shop such pieces in antique store to get the perfect furniture for Asian home decor.

Asian-style Garden

If you love to go with Japanese and Chinese country style, you may pick the neutral color. Some of them include black, white, brown, tan and green. On the other hand, if you are interested to bring the Indian color palette in the house, you may pick the bold and vibrant colors.

You just have to combine several bright colors in the room. For example you may bring red, pink and black on the wall. Now let’s talk about the treatment of garden in the Asian home decor. Some people usually call the Asian inspired garden as Zen garden. It is characterized with green and fresh quality.

Asian Pagoda Lanterns

You may decorate the garden with some rocks, pebbles, and stones. You may also apply a small bridge along the water pond if you have more cash for the garden treatment. Don’t forget to place a bird cage in the garden for the Asian home decor if you love to look after birds.