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Simple Way to Make A Pretty Bathroom

There’s a simple way to make a pretty bathroom. One of the ways it to put white as the main color of your bathroom. The other way is to make white as a supporting color. However, if you only put white color on your whole bathroom, it will look monotone and “cool”, right? You should only better to put different color in case you get easily bored with white. Sometimes, you are bored with your white bathroom, right? read more

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Strong Color Accent in the Bathroom

If you are already bored with your pastel-like color in your bathroom, then you can put different strong color accent there. A little daring “touch” to your bathroom can make it more dynamic. For example, you can put orange or red, to make it more eager. Therefore, you also have your passion to often take a bath if you have a strong color accent in your bathroom. read more

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Arranging A Layout of Bathroom

Some of you often think about how difficult to arrange a layout of bathroom is, right? But the others don’t think about that. A living room and a bedroom completed by a single-stood furniture make arranging layout of bathroom seem easy. But for the others, this kind of thing is very difficult or even impossible to be done to a bathroom. You should make a lot of effort since the beginning. All you can do in arranging a layout of bathroom is to add some new accessories if you want to renovate the display. read more

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Tips in Choosing A Stylish Canvas Curtain

If you want your house to look different with the other’s, then you should more pay attention on choosing canvas curtain to be hung in your window. A window with a luxurious stylish canvas curtain will also make your house look gorgeous. Those who visit your house must be satisfied by the look of your stylish canvas curtain. However, most people nowadays only choose a simple curtain, without ever thinking how it can damage to the whole things in your house. In this case, this simple curtain will be very different from before. read more

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colorful bathtub, red bathtub

Colorful Bathroom Bathtub Making Livelier

You can try to use the colorful bathtub in the bathroom. If more people decide to use a bathtub with a white or cream color, then you can make a new breakthrough. You will get the feel of the different atmosphere if you use the colorful bathtub in the bathroom. The bathroom is often tedious because of the monotony of color and design. Well, you can change that opinion to change the look of the bathroom. A way to change the look of the bathroom is by using colorful bathtub. If many people prefer to use the shower, but there are still people who use the bathtub. read more

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unique design of sink, unique design of sink

Using a Unique Design of Sink as Decoration

Using a unique design of sink as decoration is one among many types of furniture that can make your home more fun. The sink is one of the usual furniture in the bathroom or kitchen. A monotone sink always makes the viewer bored. Boredom is often the case when the person is, or occupants of the house, because the sink is often seen. Well, there is one way that  you use to minimize the boredom. A way is by using uniquely shaped of sink. If most of a box-shaped or oval sink, then you can choose a unique sink design. This unique sink design can minimize the boredom that is often experienced by many residents. In addition to replacing the usual form of the sink with a unique sink design, you can also add some unique items on the sink design. However, you also must consider the place to be fitted with a sink. There are some places that usually fitted with a sink, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The sink has become one of furniture that should be there in the bathroom. This is because the sink is used as a container when people are brushed their teeth or wash their face. The sink was installed in the bathroom so that people who wash their face is not exposed to splashing water on the pants. read more

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shower curtain, white shower curtain

Using a Shower Curtain as Bathroom Decor

Do you use a shower curtain in the bathroom in the house? There are enough people who prefer to use the shower than those who choose bathtub as one of the appliances in his house bathroom. There are many things to consider choosing a shower rather than bath. If bathtubs tend to use the quite wide enough area in the bathroom, then it did not happen to use the bathroom shower. Using the bathroom shower will use less land. This is because the shower only uses a bit of land for the installation. Bathtubs should be installed in accordance with the size bathroom, shower while using less land just your bathroom. Shower only needs land when you are standing alone! Area of ​​land required to install a shower may be only about one square meter only! Try to compare with the installation of a bathtub. Space required is very much different, right?! read more

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bright colorful bathroom, yellow bright bathroom

How to Design a Bright Colorful Bathroom at House?

How to design a bright colorful bathroom at house? This is a question that often arises for those of you who are thinking about a new breakthrough to change the look of the bathroom in the house. The monotonous look of a bathroom makes people who use them to become bored. The monotonous look of the bathroom this includes the use of wall color, the use of color furniture, decoration and use of some other toiletries. The use of color that dominates in a bathroom is usually white, cream and some other muted colors. The colors are often the same in the bathroom for many make people who see it have a thought: the bathroom was boring. This thought was reasonable, because there is not anything interesting from the bathroom. This is a new breakthrough in the field of interior design. You make significant changes if the bathroom to change the ‘old’ has now become colorful. read more

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Glorious and luxurious bathroom, glorious bathroom

The Glorious and Luxurious Bathroom

Glorious and luxurious bathroom has a indeed be the dream of many people. The bathrooms which are glorious and luxurious can provide comfort for people who use it. Besides the comfort that you will get, glorious bathroom and luxury will also be a pride for their owners. For people who can make her into the bathroom is quite luxurious and grandiose self-esteem boost. The bathroom is at once can be a fashion. The luxurious bathroom is identical with a spacious bathroom and glorious. This is also supported by a variety of furniture and bathroom fixtures consisting of various materials and sizes vary. However, a small bathroom can be made into a luxurious bathroom. So, for those of you who have a small bathroom, you do not need to worry! You just have to improvise and be creative with furniture and other equipment in the bathroom. read more

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