Antic Bathroom Design

Have you ever been interested in creating an antic bathroom design?There are many minimalist bathroom designs and modernity, it would not hurt if you use the bathroom design Antic. Antic bathroom design is quite rarely found in many bathrooms are there in the house. It is indeed reasonable, because the design of anti bathrooms require substantial funds to make it. This is one reason why not many people use the bathroom design Antic. Many people prefer to use a bathroom or a modern minimalist design. However, this also can not be blamed for granted. Many people prefer to use the bathroom design minimalist or modern because of its simpler and more emphasis to the function of the bathroom and the equipment therein. On the other hand, the bathroom design Antic is not widely used by many people remember the money should be spent to make it big enough. In addition, the Antic bathroom also tends to have a design and decor are quite complicated.


antic bathroom design, antic bathroom design
antic bathroom design

However, for some people, the bathroom is very much sought after design Antic and be protected. This is made possible by several factors. A person who uses Antic house design, she or he is also someone who likes Antic goods and prefer to choose all of the Antic things at his or her home. However, regardless of the above speculations, there is some kind of bathroom design that can inspire you in making Antic bathroom. Antic bathroom design is different from the design of the bathroom in general. Antic Bathrooms have a fairly large size and wide. It is indeed described the luxury and splendor of the word ‘antique’ itself. Antic structure has a fairly large size when compared with the current building structure. This has been one hallmark of the building design Antic. You can apply it to the bathroom in the house.


antic bathroom design, you can use brown color for the furniture
you can use brown color for the furniture

One of the Antic bathroom designs that can inspire you to use the dominant color is muted and soft. The use of these colors can indeed awaken your memory of the past. You can use colors such as beige or ivory white on the bathroom wall. However, you also can use other colors like brown wooden furniture in a corner or as a combination. The use of color is creamy white or ivory is highly recommended in the bathroom Antic. Beige and ivory white are the colors that can describe the luxury and splendor.
If you have chosen a color, you can use a variety of furniture in the bathroom at home Antic. You can use the tub and sink in the bathroom this Antic. You can choose the size and bathtub design according to your taste. However, to enhance the Antic in the bathroom, you can use a bathtub with a slightly curved shape. You can add some decorations to the bathroom anti, such as chandeliers, mirrors with unique designs and curtains on the windows.

antic bathroom design, use curtain as addition decoration
use curtain as addition decoration

Do not forget to use a curtain with a lot of design details in your antic bathroom design.