Modern Table Lamp Design

If you want your kids to get the perfect illumination when they want to study in the bedroom, you can apply the modern table lamp design ideas. If you love to have this lamp as the companion for your children when they study and do the home work, you can buy it in the store. You will be served with bundles of choices. The shapes, design, color, frame, size and voltage are different from one lamp to others. read more

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Bookcase for Room Divider

A bookcase for room divider can be the next big purchase for the home owners who want to enjoy several benefits from this home feature. Some people think that bookcase for room divider is only used to add interest. It has functions more than that. If your house is less in privacy, the bookcase for room divider is the best option to express in the house. read more

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Polka dot pattern on the curtains, polka dot curtain in a bedroom

Polka Dot Pattern on the Curtains

Polka dot pattern on the curtains was not many found. Polka dot pattern on the house’s furnishings have the impression that ‘funny’ and ‘cute’. This is one reason why the furniture or furniture that has a polka dot pattern is not widely used or stored in an impressive formal room. In fact, the furniture with a polka dot pattern can be used in an impressive formal room. You can use the furniture with a polka dot pattern in the formal impression by using the right color combinations. The right combination of colors in polka dot patterned furniture includes white, black and maroon. You can come to different furniture stores to get a variety of color combinations suitable for polka dot pattern. However, it was not just furniture and home furnishings that can be patterned polka dot. Apparently the polka dot pattern can also be applied to a variety of home decor. read more

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unique carpet designs, egg carpets design

A unique carpet designs at Home

Installing a unique carpet designs in the house becomes a very appropriate choice. This idea is not yet widely applied in many homes. The houses are mostly just use the carpet with a conventional design. Conventional design carpets are usually rectangular, round or oval. Apart from the design aspect, conventional carpets are also typically only had a monotone colors and simple motifs. However, have you ever thought of using a unique design carpets in the house? Currently, there are many unique carpet designs in furniture stores. Carpet with unique design can be one of the centers of attention, even the center of attention, in your home! You can save these unique carpets design anywhere! read more

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plants in the living room, plants in the living room

Plants in the Living Room as Decoration

You can keep the plants in the living room to become more ‘green’ and certainly more beautiful. Keeping the plants in the living room and a decision is a concept that was rarely used by many people. It is indeed reasonable, because you need to consider a few things that should not be missed. You should pay attention to the design and layout of the living room or plants, which plants will be saved and the only thing missed is the treatment. The living room which uses plants as decoration should not miss the slightest thing about the treatment.  Your goal to save the plants in the living room is to your family and people who visit can enjoy the green of your living room, talking about many things. This is the main purpose of the plant kept in the living room. You should also pay attention to the design and layout of the living room. read more

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