A Small House with an Attractive Design

How to make a small house with an attractive design? If you having a small house, it does not mean that your house can not be made to be interesting. Actually there are plenty of accessories and decorations that can be mounted on a small house, but you need a little imagination and improvise. These two things are necessary in order to make the house is not only looks attractive, but in order to be unique and make the house has its own style. In addition to paired many accessories, a small house can also be designed differently with other home design. Here are some kinds of attractive and unique small house designs may help you in order to get inspirations.

The first design of a small house with an attractive design was put up walls made of glass. Glass walls to be placed in a small house will make the house seem wider than the actual size. This is because the house is like not having bulkhead that can obstruct the view of the owner. But the disadvantage of the glass walls using in the house is it will allow people inside to get a view form the outside the house. However, a house with glass walls must consider the factors of security and privacy of the owner. Glass that should be used as a wall must a resistant glass when someone knocking and ticking.

a small house with an attractive design, glass walls
glass walls

The second design of a unique small house is when some rooms are moving the roof of the house. Rooms that can be moved on the roof are such as the family room or kitchen. However, now, the park can also be transferred to the roof of a house. In other hand, the other room in the house can be used for other room. It is very efficient use of space but the house owners should prepare in order to allow the roof to accommodate of the goods is moved on the roof. A canopy can be mounted on the roof to protect the goods from the hot sun and rain.

a small house with an attractive design, garden on the roof
garden on the roof

Another unique small house design is a house that does not use or tile roofs. Roof used in this house is usually in cast concrete. The roof of this type has a longer durability when compared to the roofs of tile. However, to use this roof, it takes a considerable cost.
The last design of a small house is a minimalist house. A house with a minimalist design is being attracted many people now. Minimalist design is preferred because it emphasizes function rather than appearance. If classics house style must to be built on a big land, not so with a minimalist house. A minimalist house can still be built on a small land. This is an advantage of a minimalist design.

a small house with an attractive design, minimalist house design
minimalist house design


So, do not worry by the design house of small dimensions. Even small-sized house can still be built in a unique design as mentioned above.

Those are some options of a small house with an attractive design.